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You can eliminate cache issues in SimplifyYourWeb extensions

First published November 05, 2023
1230 hits -

You have been setting up one of the extensions downloaded from this site and you are having a difficult time understanding what is going on with some of the advanced parameters... What is site mode? Why are my changes not reflected on the live site? Can you make it easier for me?


You can create a testimonials section with Trombinoscope Contacts

First published March 01, 2016
7974 hits - No rating

In just a few steps you can setup a 'testimonials' section on your Joomla website.


You can skin a date formatted with PHP

First published December 11, 2017
16245 hits -

The PHP date format is very powerful and, although most people understand how to parse a date with the date() PHP function, it is less known that one can include HTML tags into it. Why would you really need to add HTML tags into a parsed date? It will allow you to have a handle on its content, therefore enabling its styling through CSS.


You may not need the jQuery's Migrate plugin after all

First published February 25, 2016
15094 hits - No rating

Migrate has been created to make jQuery code backup compatible with versions of jQuery prior to v1.9. It is packaged with the Joomla! framework (which will hopefully soon contain the latest version of the plugin) to ensure older scripts still work with jQuery without breaking your site.

In the ongoing race to speed up websites, reducing the number of script libraries that load on a page is a way to achieve just that. Should you try and prevent Migrate from loading all-together? Do you really need it? Do the jQuery scripts loaded on your site really use deprecated features?