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Troubleshoot: reCaptcha does not work, I get a lot of spam

First published February 17, 2020
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Adding the Google reCaptcha on forms limits the amount of spam you may be getting, but not all spam can be filtered for several reasons:

  • not all attacks are machine-made, people are also paid to send you spam, one form at a time,
  • machine attacks are getting 'smart',
  • the Google reCaptcha settings are too weak.

Although there is nothing you can do about the spam you receive, you can still check your Google reCaptcha settings and ensure that they are optimized for your situation.


Troubleshoot: Fatal or Class SYW... not found error

First published April 27, 2017
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The issue

It's been reported a few times that suddenly, after an update, fatal errors or Class not found errors can occur when accessing an extension or a page hosting a Simplify Your Web extension.

Although a major issue (since it may crash the site on some pages), it is easily fixable.


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